IMA Advisory Board (Supports the R&D Working Group Director's Council Committees)


  Will Burns, Advisor: Standards
"I want to make a dent in the universe. To change the world, both figuratively and literally, by putting that power into your hands."



Email: WillBurns at

Skype: darianknight

Twitter: @darianknight


  Lisa Laxton, Advisor: Engineering
"We can redefine world-class collaborative virtual worlds by advancing virtual technologies through our shared vision and collective efforts."


Email:  lisa at

Skype: lalaxton



Yvonne DeBandi aka SingerGirl Evie Marie, Advisor: User Interface Design
"Connecting with like-minded individuals all around the globe and discovering ways to bring our imagination to virtual life."
IMA Community Webmaster: (
Virtual Worlds in a Browser: (
Virtual Worlds Art & Entertainment: (
Personal Business Site: (


  Gentle Heron, Advisor: Accessibility
"Enable people with a wide range of disabilities by providing a supporting environment for them to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds."


  Dr. Cynthia Calogne, Advisor: Human Computer Interface
"Use of VR in business spans prototyping designs, strengthening leadership and trust to modeling ideas and forming strong relationships."


  Dr. Francisca Yonekura, Advisor: Training


  Acceptance Pending, Advisor: Education


  Mike Lorrey, Advisor: Industry


  Roland Wampers, Advisor: Commerce


Selby Evans, Advisor: Community Interests
"Virtual worlds are made of people."


  Mark Sturgell, Advisor: Industry Research


  Michael Heilmann, Advisor: Virtual World Software Research
"Do it right and you won't need to do it again."


  Shawn Maloney, Advisor: Virtual Radio and Sounds
"IMA gets people together to get things done."


  Lena Vanilli, Advisor: HYPERGR!D
"HYPERGR!D was launched to help especially educational and cultural institutions with know-how and practical support in the use of virtual reality in their projects."


  Dieter Heyne, Advisor: Web Based Virtual Worlds
"Providing easy access for everyone to virtual worlds for education, collaboration and leisure."


  Cinder Roxley, Advisor: Alchemy/Radegast/LMV


Dahlia Trimble, Advisor: Web/Client Viewer Research
"I'd like to see IMA help facilitate modernizing the state of the art of virtual worlds and making them more accessible to more people and on more platforms."


  Tim Elliott, Advisor: Accessible Device Research
I love the idea of transporting people other worlds. I want to make virtual worlds accessible for people that have physical challenges.


  Aimee Weber, Advisor: Virtual World Design Research


  Dr. Doug Maxwell, Advisor: Government Research


Sunbeam Magic, Advisor: US News Media
"Virtual worlds open the door to a more inductive robust online society with unimpaired interactions that include self-esteem boosting qualities."


  Mal Burns, Advisor: International News Media
 "I want to see the interoperability of virtual spaces across all platforms and devices.  This can change the online metaphor from pages to spaces."





IMA Director's Council Committees (Coordinates the R&D Working Groups)


Sunbeam Magic, Director, Committee Chair: Community Interests
"Virtual worlds open the door to a more inductive robust online society with unimpaired interactions that include self-esteem boosting qualities."


  Director, Committee Chair: Standards


  Director, Committee Chair: Specifications


  Director, Committee Chair: Engineering


  Director, Committee Chair: Development


  Director, Committee Chair: Grid Security


  Director, Committee Chair: Transaction Security


  Director, Committee Chair: User Interface Design


  Director, Committee Chair: Accessibility


  Director, Committee Chair: Human Computer Interface


  Director, Committee Chair: Training


  Director, Committee Chair: Education


  Director, Committee Chair: Industry


  Director, Committee Chair: Commerce


  Director, Committee: Standards


  Director, Committee: Specifications


  Director, Committee: Engineering


  Director, Committee: Development


  Director, Committee: Grid Security


  Director, Committee: Transaction Security


  Director, Committee: User Interface Design


  Director, Committee: Accessibility


  Director, Committee: Human Computer Interface


  Director, Committee: Training


  Director, Committee: Education


  Director, Committee: Industry


  Director, Committee: Commerce


  Director, Committee: Community Interests