What is IMA's Vision? 


IMAgine a virtual worlds platform...


  • that is secure and easy to use.
  • that users can configure to meet their individual needs for a positive user experience.
  • that supports various human computer interface devices.
  • that enables people with disabilities at reasonable costs.
  • that can be used to provide assistance to elderly and home bound citizens.
  • that can be used by children, teens, and adults to enhance their lives.
  • that empowers communities to realize their dreams.
  • that allows unlimited creativity and sharing.
  • that enhances knowledge of different cultures and languages without barriers.
  • that has manageable costs for businesses, schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.
  • that serves as a societal connector for agencies, organizations, and education systems.
  • that can be used to accelerate innovation, reduce waste, and save precious resources.
  • that creates jobs for people of any kind to provide administration, customization, and content.
  • that supports teleworking and telemedicine.
  • that provides low cost safe training spaces for harsh events.
  • that can be used to provide just in time solutions for real world problems.
  • that becomes pervasive in use by therapists, doctors, and researchers.
  • that can be used to provide sensitivity, first responder, and disaster response training.
  • that can support accident re-enactments, law enforcement training, and historic recreations.
  • that can be used to defeat terrorism and promote world peace.
  • that is scalable and sustainable for the future.
  • that is extensible yet gives users the ability to connect with other virtual worlds.
  • poised for growth and interoperability between virtual world technologies.
  • that is finally accessible and inclusive by design.
  • where all virtual worlds users are a part of the grand scheme of life.


We believe the Infinite Metaverse will become the future of the Internet and can change the world as we know it. Join the Infinite Metaverse Alliance so we can build the future together.