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We will be launching our IMA Social Network in the near future as well as becoming active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This helps us get started bringing the Open Simulator community together to support all current derivatives and lay the ground work for forming community interest Working Groups. It's time to start the conversation about the future of the Metaverse!


We hope to get the calendar live soon which will include the public meeting and event schedules. Until then, announcements will be through the newsletter or our News & Events blog. Meetings and events may take place in-world on any of our grids or our upcoming region opening at Metropolis Metaversum for Hypergrid users. Members may also use our online web conferencing resource currently in demo mode for testing. In addition, we are hosting five community pages for our members to promote their own regions and grids as well as community statistics we often lose in social media. If you are interested in volunteering to maintain these pages please let us know!




When the time comes that social members are ready to become partners in IMA, members will be able to choose a subscription level as described in the terms. The details are in work for subscribers. We will update this page and announce when this option is ready!