Being the leader of any open source project involves both technical and non-technical responsibilities to foster a community of invested contributors and users. Specific tasks include day to day organization and development, project management, public relations, and providing prompt and effective feedback to contributors. Web services offered to the community by IMA will be used to facilitate these tasks. The following is a brief description of our policies:

Both IMA founders and the majority of the virtual worlds community support the use of open source software. As such, there are many open source projects associated with virtual worlds, virtual reality, and synthetic environments. Virtual world developers and supportive communities have been at the forefront of innovation through design thinking - making what is good great!


Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) is a community-driven Research and Development Philanthropic Foundation. The organization consists of three branches: Research, Development, and Working Group. The bulk of the membership comprise the Working Group (WG) branch. Categories include:


Core WG Categories General WG Categories Community WG Categories
Standards  User Interface Design Community Interests
Specifications  Accessibility  
Engineering Human Computer Interface  
Development Training  
Grid Security Education  
Transaction Security Industry  

Typically, standards are published documents that establish specifications designed to maximize the reliability and/or safety of things we use every day. We can think of them as building blocks used to establish protocols that can be easily understood and adopted. This is not limited to manufacturing of cars, medical devices, or even food handling. There are business cases associated with software as well.


For example, competing software modeling application developers reference standards when making their applications so they can import and export commonly used model formats. Web page designers reference guidelines published to comply with requirements stipulated in Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act Amendments associated with accessibility. These aspects are of interest to Metaverse software developers.