From Jo Querrien


Suppose you have created something, and you want to share it with others.  What is the easiest way to do that?

First, you need to rez a cube (everything starts with that cube, doesn't it?).  The General tab is where you name your box of items (let's say you made a set of snarky T-shirts).  Name it something that others will be able to tell what's in it (like, in this case, "Snarky T-shirts by MyName").  Then ask yourself - do you want this box to look like a plywood cube, or would you rather it look like something else?  If something else, use the Object and Texture tabs to change its look appropriately (note that if you set a cube's Z to 0.05 and its X and Y taper to 0.2, then rotate it 90 degrees on X, it becomes a nice framed square that you can drag a texture into the middle of and color the borders black for a quick vendor).

From Jo Querrien


Okay, so you've finished making just the right animation or pose for your new AO/piece of furniture.  You even remembered to make sure that the first frame is the default T-Pose, and that you moved everything you were planning on moving at least 3 points in the second frame.  Now what?

First, you have to Export for Second Life.  In QAvimator, that is an option in the File menu.  Many other programs also have options to export for Second Life.  This will create a .bvh file that will work in virtual worlds, in the same folder your .avm file is in.



Open Project was successfully installed on the R&D Server last week thanks to Rich Williams aka Bill Blight. Thank you Bill!


It's 7/5/2017. I hope everyone had a great holiday break!


Every Wednesday at 11:30 am Eastern time, we reserve an hour for testing. Tests may be scheduled at any location and are posted on the IMA Events Calendar. These may be load tests, viewer tests, NPC tests, etc. If you have a particular thing you would like to test, please let us know and we will get your test on the calendar. If you have not subscribed to it, this is the link email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.&ctz=America/New_York&pli=1


After hardware testing revealed some issues with the first server, our vendor replaced the defective hardware and we completed hardware testing successfully. Software configuration is ongoing as region and grid planning are underway as a parallel effort. The administrative team is doing a great job getting this ready for the community to use! We are very happy with the research progress to date. Although, we did make one change after learning Arribasim is no longer in development. IMA will be installing a new forked version of Open Simulator called Helios in its place. More to come soon!