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IMA has a series of integrated open source software R&D projects underway.  The majority of these projects fall under seven primary projects as follows:


Project EduGate: Simplified Singularity Viewer modifications with a focus on accessibility and onboarding. Inactive project (complete). Repository for historic purposes only.


Project SceneGate: Alchemy Viewer fork with a focus on accessibility, onboarding, and interoperability with Open Simulator. Active project development without nightly builds.


Project DreamGate: Custom Firestorm Viewer installation with a focus on accessibility, usability, and interoperability with Open Simulator. Active project. Repository at


Project Echo: OpenSimulator: VOIP server application and related digital content. Pending funding. blog info campaign


Project Helios: OpenSimulator: Server applications and related digital content. Active project.


Project Selene: Open Simulator: Hypergrid projects and related digital content - includes IMA region development on Metaverse Depot. Active project.


Project Eos: 0.9.x based Open Simulator software development and other applications with related digital content. Active project.


Repositories for the some of the above open source projects are currently private during development but will be made public at appropriate stages in the projects.  The SceneGate Viewer project is currently in released with new releases planned.  

Please contact lisa (at) to discuss custom software products or a custom version of the SceneGate Viewer to fit your needs.


Community repositories are hosted as a courtesy to ensure these contributions by others are not lost:

Project Open Simulator Scripts: Creative Commons Scripts

Project Open Simulator Tools: Creative Commons Tools