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We held another monthly meeting for the Advisory Board expanded to include the Director's Council. If you would like to join the council please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can get you on board! We will be changing the monthly meeting date and time based on feedback from those who have schedule conflicts.


Meanwhile, for the folks that missed the meeting, thanks to Marcus Llewellyn, we have yet another recording of our meetings on our YouTube channel. Google's transcription for closed captioning should catch up soon so the cc works. You can view it at


Chat Log:

[10:06] Lisa Laxton is online.

[10:06] Evan.Emerald is online.

[10:06] Marcus.Llewellyn is online.

[10:07] Lisa Laxton: got voice?

[10:08] Steve Franklin: Hi Marcus! TP on over to us:

[10:13] dz ozb is online.

[10:14] Steve Franklin: Ah you got here OK!

[10:14] Steve Franklin: Hi!

[10:14] dz ozb: yep  yep    i was  exploring this morning  and found the  gate

[10:14] Steve Franklin: ah good!

[10:15] dz ozb: still not  caught up with all the  emails   but   this week  Im goona  be at my desk  a bit  more

[10:17] Steve Franklin: ah good!

[10:17] Steve Franklin: A lot going on lately

[10:21] Marcus.Llewellyn is online.

[10:28] Frankie.Antonelli is online.

[10:28] Frankie.Antonelli Hi Steve

[10:28] Frankie.Antonelli Hi Lida

[10:28] Frankie.Antonelli sorry Lisa

[10:30] 111shawn.resident is online.

[10:37] Misterblue.Waves is online.

[10:40] dz ozb: is Doug  Osborn    RL

[10:40] Frankie.Antonelli ah, ty, Doug

[10:41] Marcus.Llewellyn yes

[10:41] 111shawn.resident snappy for me so far.

[10:41] dz ozb: i see it

[10:41] Misterblue.Waves yes

[10:42] Steve Franklin: yup

[10:43] Steve Franklin:

[10:43] Steve Franklin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[10:43] Marcus.Llewellyn I see it

[10:43] Frankie.Antonelli see it

[10:45] dz ozb: are  acounts inactive  until you complete the training???   i tried to jump start the  add a user  sequence   and  now  all i get is   unauthorized  account   when i try and log in

[10:45] Steve Franklin: Lisa email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[10:45] Steve Franklin: I can check and see Doug

[10:46] Frankie.Antonelli no thanks

[10:50] Marcus.Llewellyn yes

[10:50] Frankie.Antonelli yes

[10:51] dz ozb: are you accepting  volunteers  for  maui  in november????

[10:52] Frankie.Antonelli indeed, I was surprised to see how many people didn't know about OpenSim

[10:53] Frankie.Antonelli that is great

[10:53] Frankie.Antonelli appreciate the 140 characters

[10:53] Frankie.Antonelli

[10:54] Frankie.Antonelli sure, np

[10:55] dz ozb is offline.

[10:55] dz ozb is online.

[10:55] Tim.Elliott Where is everybody ?

[10:55] 111shawn.resident over here. :)

[10:56] Steve Franklin: Ah Mark got here!

[10:56] Steve Franklin: Tim! We are behind the big screen

[10:56] Frankie.Antonelli will do

[10:57] Frankie.Antonelli neat

[10:57] dz ozb is offline.

[10:57] dz ozb is online.

[11:00] Frankie.Antonelli thanks for all the updates. I will work on the items you addressed. See you all next time.

[11:01] Frankie.Antonelli is offline.

[11:02] Misterblue.Waves I need to run in a little bit also

[11:02] Misterblue.Waves I need to do the training <blush>

[11:02] Tim.Elliott How do I join a working group ?

[11:03] Tim.Elliott ok

[11:03] Bill.Blight is online.

[11:03] Marcus.Llewellyn For the benefit of the video, it would be helpful to read out questions asked in chat. :)

[11:04] dz ozb is offline.

[11:04] Marcus.Llewellyn Just like that! :lopl

[11:04] dz ozb is online.

[11:04] Neovo Geesink is online.

[11:05] Evan Emerald: Im working on the funding / project matrix

[11:06] Neovo Geesink: Hello everyone!

[11:06] Steve Franklin shouts: Hi Neo Welcome!

[11:09] Evan Emerald is online.

[11:09] 111shawn.resident New. Lost ability to hear voice outside this parcel and now back in , it took like 1 1 1/2 minutes for it to kick back in, for ME. :)

[11:10] Steve Franklin: It took a bit for me too

[11:12] Evan Emerald: Vielen dank, Neo!  Ich auch habe auge problemen!

[11:13] 111shawn.resident is offline.

[11:14] Neovo Geesink: Consolas

[11:15] dz ozb is offline.

[11:15] Misterblue.Waves I need to run... see you all in the project pages :)

[11:15] Marcus.Llewellyn TC Robert :)

[11:15] Lisa Laxton: Thanks for coming robert!

[11:16] Misterblue.Waves is offline.

[11:19] Neovo Geesink: moment... phonecall in RL

[11:19] 111shawn.resident you can't hear me?

[11:19] Tim.Elliott Can we make a virtual world that can be navigated one handed ?

[11:19] Mal.Burns is online.

[11:19] 111shawn.resident see my greenies?

[11:21] Neovo Geesink: Back again.

[11:21] Evan Emerald: WB

[11:21] Steve Franklin: wb!

[11:22] Mal.Burns is online.

[11:23] Marcus.Llewellyn Could we have a link to that URI in chat?

[11:23] Marcus.Llewellyn Will also put it on the video. :)

[11:23] Steve Franklin: ah very good! thanks!

[11:23] Lisa Laxton: email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.&ctz=America/New_York&pli=1

[11:25] Steve Franklin: Welcome Mal from that guy from Arizona!

[11:27] Marcus.Llewellyn koh-koo-ah

[11:29] Neovo Geesink: So was I but since the first versions could not coop with VAR regions I allso switched to Singu.

[11:33] Neovo Geesink: It runs pretty good for a DualCore 3.0Ghz, at 8G with a 150/15 Home Internet connection... I am plesantly supprised. :-)

[11:33] Steve Franklin: Yes I am too!

[11:33] 111shawn.resident I gave it a go Mal, which is a no go atm. :)

[11:34] Marcus.Llewellyn Freeswitch

[11:34] Neovo Geesink: It is a Dedicated computer on which no other processes are running. It is purely for OpenSim.

[11:34] Steve Franklin: ah very cool

[11:35] 111shawn.resident any hypergriddable places running freeswitch?

[11:35] Steve Franklin: That is how I do it too but I am using VM's on a dedicated machine just for that

[11:35] Marcus.Llewellyn Probably very few. It is a pain to setup.

[11:35] Neovo Geesink: :-)

[11:36] Steve Franklin: it is 8 core 32G Ram running Ubuntu VMs in esxi

[11:37] Neovo Geesink: :-)) Cool!

[11:37] Neovo Geesink: Moment, I have a RL issue.... AFK...

[11:37] 111shawn.resident I'm on it and will see if I can get AVirtualWorld to get it going. :)

[11:40] 111shawn.resident me. I'm in sing. :)

[11:40] 111shawn.resident I know how to in FS. :)

[11:41] 111shawn.resident I need to know where it is in sing. :)

[11:46] Tim.Elliott year million

[11:46] Steve Franklin: yes Tim is right!

[11:48] Tim.Elliott goodpoint, steve

[11:49] Evan Emerald: Book:  "The Game" -- Terry Schott

[11:49] Evan Emerald: Defines MV 2.0

[11:49] 111shawn.resident is online.

[11:54] Tim.Elliott Right now ,I can only operate my avatar as well as I can operate my body !

[11:54] Steve Franklin: ah yes

[11:55] Steve Franklin: can everyone else hear Evan OK?

[11:55] Lisa Laxton: i can

[11:56] Steve Franklin: Hmmm for me he is very low and distorted

[11:56] Evan Emerald: sorry steve

[11:57] Steve Franklin: that is OK! I just wonder why

[11:57] Steve Franklin: everyone else is OK

[11:59] 111shawn.resident I wanna hear Evan again so I can answer Steves question.

[12:06] Bill.Blight is offline.

[12:06] Marcus.Llewellyn Yup

[12:10] Marcus.Llewellyn I have to leave in about 20 mins, so wrapping up for the recording would be helpful for me. :)