Something happened to me the other day. I had my eyes opened. I was impressed in a big way. How did this happen you say?

Yesterday Bill Blight invited me over to his grid, OpenSim Life. He is running OpenSim 0.9.x with ubOde physics there on good server in a datacenter. So good machine, good connection. I had a couple of hours to spend so I hopped over there from the OSCC grid.

First thing after I arrived and everything rezzed, he had me put out a sphere and push it around. I have done this before with a grid running PhysX, and had a grand time shoving it all over and playing with different settings to see what would happen. It was fun with physics time! Here I made an interesting discovery. Bill’s script using UbOde seemed to work just like PhysX does! We shoved the ball, we dropped the ball and rolled one down a hill.

Next Bill showed me his combination airplane and boat. Bill knows his scripting! We got in and started out in the water going over a jump and then taking off and flying. This machine worked incredibly realistically. Taking off and landing and flying worked like it really does.Then he proceeded to blow my mind. In the water is something that looks like a hypergate. He drove us directly into that and next thing we knew we were instantly somewhere else! Not just me, but Bill, the whole plane, and me!  Now there is something I have NEVER done before! Ubit’s new physics engine is incredible! Yes you might say it was only in-region. That is true but we crossed and did an instant teleport with 2 of us and the plane. Think about that- that is a LOT of prims teleporting at once and two avatars to boot!

Bill tells me that Ubit is working on extending this to other regions and then to HG. Think about that-Warp drive in your ship to anywhere on the grids! Kinda makes me smile a whole lot! What Ubit has wrought is incredible!

He then had me ride one of his Jet boats around. The thing is incredibly agile and jumps and lands really well. One thing I did while I was testing was let the perverse side out a bit and went at a full speed crash into a tree on an island. The crash was incredibly realistic, I felt like I had actually crashed. I tried all kinds of other things and it behaved like it would in RL situations.

I went into Bill’s grid with my PC as it has a decent graphics card. I dad about 30+ frames all the time. Some of the things I was driving had over 400 prim loads on the server and there was no lag or jittering or anything but having a great time. Ubit has brought OpenSim a whole lot closer to what it needs to be with ubOde Physics.

Thank you Bill for opening my eyes and getting me out from under the preverbal rock! Thank you Ubit for coding up an incredibly cool physics engine in ubOde. OpenSim is going places and has some incredible potential now more than ever! Thank you for making me smile Bill! I had a great time in OpenSim Life and learned what excellent scripting and a really incredible physics engine can do for our virtual lives!

Steve LaVigne