Something happened to me the other day. I had my eyes opened. I was impressed in a big way. How did this happen you say?

Yesterday Bill Blight invited me over to his grid, OpenSim Life. He is running OpenSim 0.9.x with ubOde physics there on good server in a datacenter. So good machine, good connection. I had a couple of hours to spend so I hopped over there from the OSCC grid.

First thing after I arrived and everything rezzed, he had me put out a sphere and push it around. I have done this before with a grid running PhysX, and had a grand time shoving it all over and playing with different settings to see what would happen. It was fun with physics time! Here I made an interesting discovery. Bill’s script using UbOde seemed to work just like PhysX does! We shoved the ball, we dropped the ball and rolled one down a hill.

What’s Happening Now At IMA!

Steve here.

First off-At 4:430 PM USA EST at IMA Outpost Alpha in the Metropolis Grid ( Outpost Alpha) we will be having our Q&A session about our R&D server project and all the incredible stories that go with that. There is some real high adventure there and a bunch of spreadsheets! Seems like everything these days develops a spreadsheet or two! SO HG in and we will tell our hair raising geeky stories!

Hi Everyone!

The Infinite Metaverse Alliance is getting more infinite every day! As we chug along toward our getting everything up and running we need some help. One of the first things that we will be creating is Working Groups. Working Groups are small groups of under 10 people working together toward a shared goal. One of the services that IMA will provide to Working Groups is a project management system.

How Working Groups Work
Working Group Loop Diagram

We have chosen the open source system called Open Project (OP) for this service. IMA wants, as much as possible, any software we are dealing with be Open Source. That commitment is a basic part of what IMA is all about.

I have installed Open Project on a server and it is ready to be setup for Working Groups to use. We need a little help from a couple of volunteers.

First, we need someone who can help add or activate time-tracking and GIT modules. I am sure there will also be other modules as well that Working Groups may end up needing.

Second, we need someone that has experience using project management tools like Open Project that can help document a simpler process for all Working Groups to use based on 5 basic principles of project management:

1) Conception and initiation: (Setup a Working Group project.)
2) Definition and planning: (Establish mission statement and setup meeting schedules.)
3) Launch or execution: (Establish milestones and setup time tracking.)
4) Performance and control: (Manage Working Group activities.)
5) Project end: (End project and publish results.)

A reference guide exists here: but it is far more complex than our Working Groups need. A member of a Director’s Council committee would setup any approved Working Group projects (step 1). Then the Working Groups would take over from there to do the actual work (steps 2-5). If they need help they can ask the person who setup their project. This keeps things simple!

So the help we need (because we are so busy getting everything else setup and communicating with the community), should be a one-shot deal. Once these things are done so Working Groups can engage, IMA will keep the server updated and working with backups, etc.

Are you interested? Just get a hold of me at steve (at)

Getting our Working Groups going is a big thing at IMA. The Working Groups are the base of all that happens as we help advance Virtual Technology into the future.

Thank you for your help!

Steve LaVigne

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey! While the number was small, the subset of the community based on how they identify is very diverse. We are going to be doing a more in-depth analysis (correlation investigations related to interest in authoring versus platform for example) and hosting a discussion when that is completed.


But, we wanted to publish the summary analytics for all those interested. We did find some quite interesting, and in some cases surprising, results. For now, you can get involved in a discussion and ask questions on this topic at our G+ Community. Here is a link to the summary analytics:


Survey: Open Simulator Security Issues - Results



IMA's functional goals include standards and specifications to advance virtual worlds, virtual reality, and synthetic environments through research and development. A portion of our software policy was published when we launched - our general coding and documentation topics. Today, we published a more comprehensive document called Infinite Metaverse Alliance Architecture Framework (IMAAF). But what is an Architecture Framework?