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Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA) is a for-profit company providing research, development, and philanthropy formed in response to open source community needs for maximizing societal benefits. Our core mission is a focus on inclusive "design thinking" to advance virtual worlds, virtual reality, and synthetic environments. In IMA you have a champion to make the most of virtual worlds to meet your needs and to push the technology to meet the future as it unfolds.


To accomplish the mission, IMA identified significant areas for improved progress: streamline source code development, implement coding standards with a refined architecture framework, help move volunteer open source code projects forward, and facilitate inclusivity so that we all benefit in the use of these technologies. Anyone can be a part of something greater at IMA - we are only limited by our IMAginations.


The team at Laxton Consulting, LLC, with inputs from researchers actively working with virtual worlds, identified the need for one unifying organization to function as a research organization (typically non-profit), a development organization (typically for-profit), and a standards organization (typically a business and academic consortium). IMA's approach is a community-driven effort that functions in all three capacities as a financially transparent Limited Liability Company.


In essence, IMA is a new kind of community organization with a hybrid structure that is both aspirational and innovative. We want to maximize excellence using design thinking - taking what is good and making it great! Through our collective efforts, we will be redefining world-class using collaborative virtual worlds. But the impact extends far beyond virtual worlds - we can change the world as we know it through our shared vision. The paradigm shift to social virtual reality is coming... join us


Infinite Metaverse Alliance® is a registered U.S. Trademark.