Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) is a community-driven Research and Development Philanthropic effort. The organization consists of three branches: Research, Development, and Working Group. The bulk of the membership comprise the Working Group (WG) branch. Categories include:


Core WG Categories General WG Categories Community WG Categories
Standards  User Interface Design Community Interests
Specifications  Accessibility  
Engineering Human Computer Interface  
Development Training  
Grid Security Education  
Transaction Security Industry  


The hybrid structure of IMA creates a market of internal customers (the members) with a vested interest in IMA's success on behalf of the community. For its internal customers, IMA Research and Development branches will provide the resources needed by these customers in response to customer inputs and working group activity. Some of these customers (subscribing members) have a vested interest through passive member interest in IMA.


Any Working Group category may have any number of Working Groups. Rather than emulate the structure of top-down organizations with complex governing models, IMA will build on the membership base of Working Groups facilitated by a Director's Council (appointed and elected) with committees that function as working group sponsors and coordinators. The Advisory Board, with both appointed and elected advisors, will provide assistance to the Director's Council and function as liaisons to the Executive Board to facilitate resources needed by the Working Group branch. The following is an illustration of how each Working Group will function.