Project EchoVoice – A Social Impact Return on Investment


Virtual Worlds are the heart of the free Metaverse.

People are the soul of the free Metaverse.


Using free online voice communications in the Metaverse has helped lift people up for over 15 years. The OpenSimulator Virtual World community alone has an estimated 16,000 unique users. Most currently use free voice communication from Vivox and most are women, seniors, students, and the disabled living in poverty or on fixed incomes.


The problem we want to solve…


Free voice communication for all Operating Systems is going away.


The whole of the Metaverse will be diminished without a replacement system for users of all Operating Systems in OpenSimulator Virtual Worlds.


The Metaverse is growing and so is the need.


We're raising money to develop EchoVoice: a freeware/open-source software solution for all supported OpenSimulator server and viewer versions. Find us on GoFundMe!


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In July 2021, we conducted a user survey and promised a report on the results. Thanks everyone who participated!

You can find the report at


This is a video demonstrating the use of open source social desktop VR for fun interactive project based learning in multiple ways. Got questions and missed last year's VW MOOC visit? You've got a chance to visit anytime or catch us this coming weekend! Details below:

I will be talking about the design behind this project at this year's Opensimulator Community Conference 2020 #OSCC20 on December 5th as part of the Creativity Panel. Our development team will also be providing updates about our open source projects on December 6th in our SceneGate, EchoVoice, and IMABox panel. Be sure to join us (it's free to attend).


Stop by Expo Booth 4 during the breaks to have a conversation :) See you there!


A lot has been going on with new features and activities in the OpenSimulator Community these past two years.


It's time to hear from the users again! Please participate in this quick survey out today so developers and grid owners better understand user needs. Thanks!


You can find the link on our Twitter account at


or find it with a direct link at

We appreciate you!