Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) is a Research and Development Philanthropic effort formed in response to open source community needs for maximizing societal benefits. Our core mission is a focus on accessible and inclusive software design to advance virtual worlds, virtual reality, and synthetic environment technology in everything we do. 


To accomplish the mission, the team identified a need to streamline source code development, implement coding standards with a refined architecture framework, help move volunteer open source code projects forward, and facilitate "design thinking" so that we all benefit in the use of these technologies. Together, we identified the need for one unifying organization to function as a research organization (typically non-profit), a development organization (typically for-profit), and a standards organization (typically a business and academic consortium). IMA's approach is a community-driven effort that functions in all three capacities as a financially transparent Limited Liability Company.


The core team at IMA is driven by both community and customer needs – including those established and refined over the past five years. The collective goal of the membership at large is to advance the development of virtual worlds technology and adapt to both virtual and augmented reality (mixed reality) future markets. While there are far greater details that will be addressed by membership Working Groups (the bulk of IMA), five foundational pillars were refined to provide IMA's business focus.


Mission Pillars:


  • Provide sustaining engineering services related to open source code. 
  • Support R&D Working Groups including standards development. 
  • Develop safe, secure, production grade source code capable of supporting a commercially viable in-world economy. 
  • Conduct software research and development using virtual worlds and virtual reality. 
  • Contribute via philanthropy to the user community and facilitate Working Group participation.


These pillars provide stability for the effort's hybrid structure where the working group branch is sustained by the research and development branches: