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As we fine-tuned our hybrid structure taking inputs from the community, IMA began forming its Advisory Board which will have both appointed (to advise core IMA working group committees) and elected (to advise subscriber and non-subscriber working group committees). We have been very fortunate to have such talented and engaged members of the Virtual Worlds community at large from within Open Simulator and outside of Open Simulator communities. We've held many meetings, asked and answered many questions, and were rewarded with great feedback and new ideas!



The Advisory Board seats include advisors as follows:


Core WG Categories 


Standards - filled


Specifications - pending


Engineering - filled


Development - filled


Grid Security - filled


Transaction Security - filled



Subscriber WG Categories 


User Interface Design - TBD via election or appointment


Accessibility - TBD via election or appointment


Human Computer Interface - TBD via election or appointment


Training - TBD via election or appointment


Education - TBD via election or appointment


Industry - TBD via election or appointment


Commerce - TBD via election or appointment



Non-subscriber WG Categories


Community Interests - filled



At-Large Seats


Research Strategy - filled


Training Simulation - pending


MOSES Development - pending


Halcyon Development - pending


Open Simulator Development - pending


Whitecoresim Development - pending


Arribasim Development - pending


Hypergrid Development - pending


Accessible Device Integration - filled


Web Viewer Development - pending


Client Viewer Development - pending


Web Resource Development - pending


Interactive Content Development - pending


Public Content Interests - pending


US Media - pending


International Media - pending