Starting this week 9/27/17:
430pm ET every Wednesday, Open Door Hour at
(Browser based web-worldz containing the opensim export of the IMA Outpost Alpha cabin optimized for Google Chrome but works also with Mozilla Firefox - follow instructions on the page please) Stop by for a chat or a voice conversation with the M&M's! No need for a viewer. you can try it below anytime.
6 pm ET 3rd Wednesday of each month, IMA Monthly Status meeting open to the public at Outpost Beta
Three Weekly Q&A Meetings in the same rotation every Friday
(See calendar below for details on HG locations)
930 am ET
1 pm ET
830 pm ET
This is being done to provide an opportunity for anyone to attend the weekly meetings regardless of shift worked or time zone.
2 pm ET every Friday, IMA Test Hour at Outpost Alpha
(We may travel to other locations for testing. If you have something you want on the test schedule, let us know!)
If you subscribe to the Google IMA Events Calendar, it will convert the time zones for you and optionally send you reminders. email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.&ctz=America/New_York&pli=1