Today, thanks to the efforts of Thales and IMA working together under project SceneGate, along with extensive testing by users as developers in the OpenSimulator Hypergrid community, we have released the first official SceneGate Viewer for OpenSimulator versions designed for Windows and Linux operating systems.


This open source project release is focused on improvements in accessibility, usability, onboarding, and performance.  Future versions will focus on improved security and standards compliance as well as focus on more improvements designed to eliminate digital marginalization.  We will also continue to modernize the codebase and support upcoming OpenSimulator development under Project Helios and support integration with our secure encrypted voice communication solution in work under Project Echo.

We look forward to continuing our journey with users as developers!  The next beta test versions are slated for July 2020 at which time we also hope to have a Mac version available.  You can view our Project Roadmap here


The Release Notes Blog can be found here.

The SceneGate Viewer for Windows can be downloaded here.

The SceneGate Viewer for Linux can be downloaded here.

Tutorials for new users (Simplified Tutorials) and experienced users (Extended Tutorials) are available here.

A comprehensive list of Shortcut Keys for power users is available here.

To report a bug, please follow the procedure here.

To request a new feature, please follow the procedure here.


We all bring something different to the table.  Let's make it fun together!  If you would like to participate in Project SceneGate, please contact lisa at