The IMA Q&A meeting was a really good one. A lot of discussion on a pile of different subjects. The meeting was in IMA Outpost Gamma on OpenSim Life Grid. The meeting happens in voice but also there is a lot of things going on in chat as well! Here is the chat transcript:

[13:24] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Lyr.Lobo to IMA Outpost Gamma
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[13:24] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://
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Current simulator: OpenSim DEV_OSLMODv1       (Unix/Mono)
Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev PLUS Metropolis Edition [018]       (Unix/Mono)
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[13:29] Brian Rutherford: hi!. Aimee mentioned it's difficult getting into this sim at the moment
[13:29] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
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[13:31] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:31] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
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[13:31] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:31] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:32] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:32] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Lisa.Laxton to IMA Outpost Gamma
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[13:32] Joyce.Bettencourt NEovo are you Dutch
[13:33] Neovo.Geesink ÆYes, I am. Sorry for my Dialect...
[13:33] dz ozb: i got  my  Raspberry Pi viewer long  as i dont  render the  scene
[13:33] SingerGirl.XOXOXO LOL, Bills chair is hysterical!!
[13:33] Joyce.Bettencourt no do not be sorry, one of our AvaCon team is Dutch, Frans, and I hear the similar dialect
[13:33] Neovo.Geesink :-)
[13:34] dz ozb: I just  loaded Ubuntu MATE  on  a  2007  iMac....    it  boots like a  old dog,  but  runs like a champ
[13:34] Lyr.Lobo Hello everyone!  *waves* Long time, no see!
[13:35] Lyr.Lobo chuckles
[13:35] Joyce.Bettencourt I juggle between an Alienware PC, my macbook pro, and an imac depending on what I am doing
[13:35] Lyr.Lobo Love them...
[13:35] Lyr.Lobo i pushed Jim McDermott through one last week
[13:35] Lyr.Lobo great way to reach out and grab someone
[13:36] Joyce.Bettencourt ha Lyr
[13:36] Selby.Evans thanks
[13:36] Unknown UserUMMAU43: *waves* to Jamie
[13:36] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Steve LaVigne to IMA Outpost Gamma
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[13:36] SingerGirl.XOXOXO was a smooth ride!
[13:37] Lyr.Lobo right
[13:37] SingerGirl.XOXOXO agrees!
[13:37] SingerGirl.XOXOXO He said he probably couldn't make it today, I believe
[13:37] dz ozb: that was steve
[13:37] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Aimee.Weber to IMA Outpost Gamma
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[13:37] dz ozb: wb  steve
[13:38] Lyr.Lobo laughs
[13:38] Lyr.Lobo great
[13:38] SingerGirl.XOXOXO wb Steve -- unknown :)
[13:39] Unknown UserUMMAU43: Steve, I do not think you cannot hear Joyce
[13:39] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Dieter Heyne to IMA Outpost Gamma
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[13:39] SingerGirl.XOXOXO thats really interesting -- pan controls perhaps
[13:40] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Steve LaVigne to IMA Outpost Gamma
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Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[13:40] Lyr.Lobo grins and nods
[13:40] Brian Rutherford: try going to preferences > sound & media > Hear Voice equally from everyone
[13:40] Lyr.Lobo that's good
[13:40] Douglas Maxwell: That's right.
[13:40] Lyr.Lobo hehe
[13:40] SingerGirl.XOXOXO waves to Dieter!
[13:40] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:41] Lyr.Lobo sips her hazelnut coffee and makes a moan of deilght
[13:41] Dieter Heyne: hi everyone :)
[13:41] SingerGirl.XOXOXO That chair is cursed
[13:41] Lyr.Lobo Hi Dieter!
[13:42] Unknown UserUMMAU43: Hi Dieter!
[13:42] Douglas Maxwell: SIGs?
[13:42] Lyr.Lobo hehe Dieter...too funny
[13:42] Lyr.Lobo we have other chairs... that one seems to be reserved *grins*
[13:43] Dieter Heyne: I am cursed, it seems
[13:43] Lyr.Lobo love it
[13:43] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Nope you are the third person, got Jamie and I too!
[13:43] Lyr.Lobo no, it will happen to all of us, I think
[13:43] Lyr.Lobo see the sign on it
[13:43] dz ozb: wb  Doug M
[13:44] Lyr.Lobo Doug's barkeep!
[13:44] Lyr.Lobo grins
[13:44] SingerGirl.XOXOXO grins
[13:44] Lyr.Lobo sounds great, Steve
[13:45] SingerGirl.XOXOXO frameworks will be helpful
[13:46] Art.Blue sounds good
[13:46] Lyr.Lobo thanks, Steve!
[13:46] Steve LaVigne: I am not hearing Doug
[13:46] Lyr.Lobo he's speaking
[13:46] Lyr.Lobo he says we need a change for security
[13:46] Lyr.Lobo encryption internally or client/server encryption
[13:46] Steve LaVigne: yes we do in big ways
[13:46] Lyr.Lobo OTA or off the record speech
[13:47] Lyr.Lobo the default inside the  new client
[13:47] Lyr.Lobo decisions you want to make to balance how much of a burden on the user advice, how secure, etc
[13:47] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome ProfJim.Merlin to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[13:47] dz ozb: i hear   5x5  DougM
[13:48] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:48] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Hi ProfJim, the chair got you too
[13:48] SingerGirl.XOXOXO its a trap
[13:48] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:48] Evan.Emerald One of the things I had difficulty with was the publishing of certificates.  My Avast would not let me log into MOSES since Mike had not publised a security certificate.  A simple fix, but needs to take place for the broader community, IMHO.
[13:49] Bill's Chair whispers: This is Bill's Chair
[13:49] Doug Maxwell:  brainstorming session on the boundaries for security
medical sector wants a higher level of security for medical education and training
[13:49] Doug Maxwell:  some want anonymity protected
protections so you can't tell what a source IP is from a client
[13:50] dz ozb: I think the  base level of security  applicable  to all  forms of grid   is  a mechanism  to link  scene objects  to assets  and  a related  license...  thats  the only  way  content  IP  is  going to be  "controllable"  in any way.....
[13:51] Joyce.Bettencourt nod
[13:51] dz ozb: building  a  bigger/better  bridge   next to the  old  wooden footbridge   is   always  a plan....  they can come if they want
[13:51] Lyr.Lobo the evolution of a connected set of grids that support everyone's needs will be work *grins*
[13:53] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Steve.Franklin to IMA Outpost Gamma
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Thank You
[13:53] Lyr.Lobo yes
[13:54] dz ozb: i think the   baby step in that direction  is  maintaining a level of  content   "compatability"...  realistically,   the   new  web  viewer  protocols   will prevent  staying in one  viewer   to visiit  grids based on the  old   OpenSim  core   platform
[13:54] Lyr.Lobo welcome back, Steve!
[13:54] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome ProfJim.Merlin to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[13:54] Lyr.Lobo Steve, we've been talking about security and opensim, finding a stable pathway yet a connected world
[13:56] Marcus.Llewellyn LSL must die a horibble fiery nuclear death.
[13:56] Steve Franklin: Thank you! And Huzzah to Marcus!
[13:56] Lyr.Lobo aww *laughs*
[13:57] Neovo.Geesink LLScript is'nt even 100% compatible with Opensim... I had a MediaPanel on SL which I had to debug and alter to get it working in OpenSim.
[13:57] Joyce.Bettencourt is there a list somewhere of the working groups .. for those of us traying to jump in to what you have all been meeting on recently
[13:57] Evan.Emerald Philip Rosedale's HiFidelity is using J++ as the standard, vice LSL
[13:57] dz ozb: a standardized  API connection to  scene / physics events   would  make  any labguage  "functional
[13:57] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Vinhold.Starbrook to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[13:57] Art.Blue perfect voice
[13:58] ProfJim.Merlin you sound great
[13:58] Lyr.Lobo hehe
[13:58] Art.Blue yes good
[13:58] ProfJim.Merlin Firestorm works
[13:58] SingerGirl.XOXOXO there is Joyce, looking for link for you
[13:58] Art.Blue all vioces good
[13:58] Marcus.Llewellyn
[13:58] SingerGirl.XOXOXO ty Marcus
[13:58] Lyr.Lobo I'm still using Phoenix in Firestorm, Steve. I understand
[13:59] Neovo.Geesink So am I... :-)
[13:59] Joyce.Bettencourt thank you Marcus
[13:59] Neovo.Geesink I Love Singu, but Hate the V2 and V3 viewers.
[13:59] Lyr.Lobo I was a HF Alpha, but haven't been in it in a while
[13:59] dz ozb: the   high  fidelity beta  is   am  "experience"
[14:00] Vinhold Starbrook: In FS you can select viewer UI you like.
[14:00] dz ozb: but  my expereince  is that the  Bandwith  requirements  are  "extreme"
[14:00] Vinhold Starbrook: yes
[14:00] Lyr.Lobo listened to philip's recent talk, thanks to Joey *grins*
[14:01] Lyr.Lobo Yes, space, too
[14:01] Unknown UserUMMAU43: FYI here are the IMA working groups:
[14:01] dz ozb: The  business model is one   we  should  examine  carefully  though......   a  central  organization,   but the  grid is  hosted/carried  by the   user  community
[14:01] Lyr.Lobo still pioneering
[14:01] Lyr.Lobo i had to reinstall several times in one day
[14:02] Lyr.Lobo yes
[14:02] dz ozb: I think   that  if  we model the  IMA  as  our  "central authority"    we  could  benefit  from the  distributed   designs  they are implementing
[14:02] Evan.Emerald Philip Rosedale@highfidelity = Steve Jobs@Next
[14:02] Douglas Maxwell: SA Photonics
[14:02] Steve Franklin: yes there needs to be one central place to work out the craziness
[14:03] Lyr.Lobo plus the leap motion
[14:03] Lyr.Lobo hav a bunch of gear that needs updating
[14:03] Lyr.Lobo for interaction and motion capture
[14:03] Lyr.Lobo gesture interaction
[14:03] Lyr.Lobo i have  a 3D TV *grins*
[14:03] Lyr.Lobo but I may not be normal
[14:03] Lyr.Lobo active leneses, too *laughs*
[14:03] ProfJim.Merlin We need an Hdeck in the real world
[14:03] Steve Franklin: I have one but never use it that way
[14:04] Lyr.Lobo true, Jim
[14:04] Brian Rutherford: People prefer to multi-task. VR requires your full attention and that's a tough sell.
[14:04] Lyr.Lobo and it is coming
[14:04] dz ozb: the  takeup  of the  headsets  is  going to be  a  HUGE   and  growing demand   for   3d  content....    If  you can get ahead  of  a standard  mechanism to commoditoze   and  deliver  a  "library" of  content    you will be in a very good place
[14:04] Steve Franklin: yes exactly
[14:04] ProfJim.Merlin Projected Holograms ---or augmented reality
[14:05] SingerGirl.XOXOXO agree with that
[14:05] Lyr.Lobo Love this, but need to save up... full motion capture suits
[14:05] ProfJim.Merlin Exactly!
[14:05] Lyr.Lobo so true, tho i'd wear this one
[14:05] ProfJim.Merlin Doug that is true
[14:05] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Mike.Lorrey to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[14:05] Steve Franklin: yes
[14:05] Steve Franklin: We still have our meat suits!
[14:05] Lyr.Lobo mobile motion capture *drools*
[14:05] Marcus.Llewellyn That Rokoko suit looks absolutrely fabulous.
[14:05] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Bill Blight to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[14:05] Mike.Lorrey Heya Bill
[14:05] Neovo.Geesink For me for instance, 3D is absolutely unworkable due to my visual impairment.
[14:05] Lyr.Lobo wipes the drool off of Marcus's suit
[14:05] Marcus.Llewellyn lol
[14:06] ProfJim.Merlin E-systems had a great room using polarized lenses like Avatar used but in 1996
[14:06] ProfJim.Merlin What they could do was amazing
[14:06] Marcus.Llewellyn I've been looking for affordable MoCap for eons. I just can't animate from scratch... don't have the knack.
[14:06] Lyr.Lobo i have that problem, Neovo... vision issues... my oculus sits as a result, but some support visual aids
[14:06] Steve Franklin: Welcome Bill!
[14:06] dz ozb: its  the man who owns the  chair....  wb  Bill
[14:06] Lyr.Lobo surprising, Marcus, considering you create video with blender. You've used Daz, I take it?
[14:06] ProfJim.Merlin I sat in a totally visually accurate car
[14:07] Joyce.Bettencourt well one of your cars Doug, dont you also have a sportier one
[14:07] Douglas Maxwell: well, I'm a weak man Joyce.  I have 4
[14:07] Lyr.Lobo hehe
[14:07] Lyr.Lobo right
[14:07] Lyr.Lobo it is exhausting
[14:07] Steve Franklin: I won't get into the car thing right now here!
[14:07] Lyr.Lobo right
[14:08] Lyr.Lobo smiles and nods
[14:08] ProfJim.Merlin Build the interface into every home
[14:08] Marcus.Llewellyn I have, but I found Daz cumbersome. The video animation I've done in blender is much simpler... simply moving a camera just involves keyframes with bezier curves.
[14:08] ProfJim.Merlin Mental exhaustion
[14:08] Lyr.Lobo hehe, the fact that you know that sounds like you have mastered a few challenges
[14:08] Joyce.Bettencourt ha Doug, I knew there were at least 2
[14:08] Lyr.Lobo keyframes in avastar, too
[14:09] Lyr.Lobo right
[14:09] Douglas Maxwell: it is mentally challenging to constantly be compensating for aggregated errors in the presentation
[14:10] ProfJim.Merlin Tech is converging
[14:10] Marcus.Llewellyn I just suck at animation. LOL! Even with a nice IK rig, I just don't produce ones that looks natural. So MoCap is appealing.
[14:10] ProfJim.Merlin That part is apparent
[14:10] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Rosa.Alekseev to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[14:10] Lyr.Lobo prior to 1995, 45% of the subjects who used  expensive, well-designed (for the time) head-mounted stereoscopic  display devices had motion sickness, nausea or extreme side effects, and for up to 24 hours later  We've gotten much better, but visual comfort, user comfort and the desire to get beyond the wearable remains
[14:11] Steve Franklin: Welcome Rosa!
[14:11] Lyr.Lobo Hi Rosa!
[14:11] ProfJim.Merlin Cyn--exactly
[14:11] Rosa.Alekseev tk u Steve
[14:11] Rosa.Alekseev Hi Lyr
[14:11] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Hi Rosa!  Interesting Cyn, 24 hour sideeffect, yikes
[14:11] Lyr.Lobo smiles and waves
[14:11] Rosa.Alekseev hi all good evening
[14:11] Rosa.Alekseev heya SG:-*
[14:12] Lyr.Lobo yes, when I was working on my Institutional review board application, a legal team needed a year to review it before approval
[14:12] Lyr.Lobo was hard... we've gotten much better, but aren't there yet
[14:12] Lyr.Lobo i was a little shocked at the cross-eyed lack of focus common in some of the recent HMDs.
[14:13] dz ozb: I think one of the reasons  I enjoyed  working  with MOSES  was  that there  was  more than a whiff  of "engineering"  involved in  directing  the  project.....     HF  reminds  me  too much of the OpenSim  Core  group.....where   people  are  ALWAYS  going to go in thier  own  direction   and  "see what  sticks"....  but   some degree of  Planning   and  posting  a  "roadmap"  is   way  more  productive....
[14:13] Lyr.Lobo but glad to hear that they feel that they have an answer to it
[14:13] Lyr.Lobo address it
[14:14] Lyr.Lobo HF is leveraging crowd sourcing of ideas and content, evaluation and testing... it is a nice approach, but at some point, you need a stable service to sustain a world
[14:14] Lyr.Lobo that was a great talk
[14:16] Unknown UserUMMAU43: Ah yes,
[14:16] Lyr.Lobo simles
[14:17] Joyce.Bettencourt there are also several others creating association / standards type groups in the metaverse including the Virtual World Society and the Immersive Technology Alliance
[14:17] Art.Blue i support this
[14:18] Vinhold.Starbrook Right now SL is the primary source of viewer development coordination.
[14:18] Unknown UserUMMAU43: Good to know Joyce, IMA had a representative from VW Society recently. I had not heard of ITA3d
[14:19] dz.ozb any  viewer  compatable  with   the  present  server   is  going to be  a limitation  that  cannot  be   dragged into the  "new  world"    the  HTML/web client   with  a  protocal redesign   is   the  ONLY way to overcome  a  HUGE number of  IP limitations
[14:19] Unknown UserUMMAU43: Slidewave:
[14:19] dz.ozb The  Core   Opensim  group is  going to have  NO reason  to re-design on the scale  required  to accomodate  new  protocols
[14:20] Evan.Emerald the thing I tried to inject was: HF/io is using J++ as their standard vice LSL; so perhaps using a more widely accepted industry standard like J++ is the right direction for developing that "standard viewer"
[14:21] Evan.Emerald I agree with Marcus, we need an industry standard on the viewer sided as well.
[14:21] Unknown UserUMMAU43: Fleep (Chris Collins) is a chair of the Internet 2 Research network for the Metaverse Working Group VR-AR
[14:21] Joyce.Bettencourt yes, and when we began talking to ITA, we talked with them on having a Metaverse working group with them too
[14:21] dz.ozb the  protocalls  HAVE to change
[14:21] Steve.Franklin yes
[14:21] Bill Blight: The other problem, from the public community viewpoint, is comfort .. The "Public" is comfortable, with the type of viewer we use, even in it's many flavors ..  If you change it too much you loosed the comfort factor.  And regardless of all the important things that the industry may need without public acceptance you again have solved half the problem.
[14:22] Joyce.Bettencourt and yes, look at the Internet Society (ISOC) too
[14:22] Evan.Emerald totally agree Doug
[14:23] dz.ozb thats  a point that isnt   undestood   well
[14:23] Joyce.Bettencourt lol.. we dont have virtual bar peanuts sadly
[14:23] Joyce.Bettencourt ;)
[14:23] dz.ozb the  server  HAS to be modularlized   and that is  going to PREVENT using a modern viewer  with the  existing  SL/Opensim  based  platforms
[14:24] Mike.Lorrey Not just compatibility with the viewer, but compatibility with content, as so much content here is ported over by content creators who have established skillsets and inventory of content that is a significant investment.
[14:24] Steve.Franklin Exactly
[14:24] Evan.Emerald This is why I think Phil Rosedale is being bold in trying something "entirely different" ... If he is successful in launching HF, then that will be an alternative platform (with 3D I/O) to consider investing in.
[14:25] Mike.Lorrey having to rewrite every single script is a huge barrier to bootstrapping the virtual economy.
[14:25] Joyce.Bettencourt high fives Marcus
[14:25] Lyr.Lobo Marcus: The viewer is open source like Android is open source... *grins*
[14:26] dz.ozb it  is  also  VITAL  to expanding  the  DSG  servers
[14:26] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Gavin.Hird
Gavin is a Kokua (formerly Imprudence) viewer developer
[14:26] Lyr.Lobo Hi Gavin! *waves*
[14:27] Steve.Franklin Hi Gavin! Welcome!
[14:27] Selby.Evans hi Gavin
[14:27] Bill Blight: Thanks for coming on short notice Gavin
[14:28] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Hi Gavin!
[14:28] Gavin.Hird Hi everyone
[14:28] Bill Blight: I think one of the most desired features is floating windows that can be floated outside the main viewport
[14:29] Marcus.Llewellyn +1 Bill
[14:29] dz.ozb I think   a lot of folks  here  may not be  familiar  with the  MOSES roadmap  that  drops  SL/Core  comapatbility
[14:29] Delightful.Doowangle *smiles* we will provide an update on the MOSES Web-based viewer dev soon
[14:30] Marcus.Llewellyn I think that a ton of people outside of MOSES are ineterested in the progess of the web client, but haven't heard/seen much about it.
[14:30] Bill Blight: I guess Gavin could not stay ...
[14:30] Mal.Burns are you hearing voice Gavin?
[14:30] Steve.Franklin yes I want to put out an article on that
[14:30] Bill Blight: it is late for him
[14:30] Douglas.Maxwell I took a beating last fall with the Open Sim community, so we went silent for a while
[14:31] Evan.Emerald user interface design, yes
[14:31] Delightful.Doowangle Use cases are an excellent place to map needs
[14:31] dz.ozb we need to be  clear  that the  "web viewer" is  intended to be  used  with the  new  halcyon based  server  design   and that   it is  NOT intended  to  support  access to any grid that exists  today
[14:32] Delightful.Doowangle Doug M is referring to VBS3
[14:32] Selby.Evans Looking forward to update on web client -- I have lots of info on Dieter's operational web-world.
[14:32] Joyce.Bettencourt and info from Crista's site on the OnLook viewer and some of this concepts we are talking on
[14:33] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Gavin.Hird to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[14:33] Bill Blight: Welcome back Gavin
[14:34] Gavin.Hird TY
[14:34] dz.ozb thanks  DougM
[14:34] Lyr.Lobo take care, Doug!  thanks!
[14:34] Delightful.Doowangle Thanks Doug!
[14:34] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Ty Doug, tc
[14:34] Selby.Evans thanks Doug
[14:34] Lyr.Lobo Hi Gavin!
[14:34] Lyr.Lobo Great to see you!
[14:35] Lyr.Lobo nods
[14:35] Gavin.Hird Yes
[14:35] dz.ozb maybe  ask in local chat?
[14:35] dz.ozb in case hhe isnt
[14:35] Lyr.Lobo Welcome *grins*
[14:35] Gavin.Hird I'm not sure what was last said is correct
[14:35] Lyr.Lobo good point...
[14:35] Lyr.Lobo so going forward, there is some compatibility or?
[14:35] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Hi Gavin, please share your thoughts
[14:35] Bill Blight: About SL removing legacy code?
[14:36] Gavin.Hird The issue about compatibility with the Linden code has to do with their infrastructure and not content as such
[14:36] Lyr.Lobo nods
[14:37] Bill Blight: Do it is connector code not content code that has had a major change?
[14:37] Delightful.Doowangle Marcus & Joyce, is that ASU or UofAZ? for the Compugirls?
[14:37] Bill Blight: *So
[14:37] Marcus.Llewellyn
[14:37] Delightful.Doowangle Thanks!
[14:38] Selby.Evans I have to go --- very useful discussion
[14:38] Lyr.Lobo bye Selby!
[14:38] Steve.Franklin Bye Selby!
[14:38] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Bye Selby!
[14:39] Rosa.Alekseev Selby ni ni
[14:40] Marcus.Llewellyn drops a pin. :D
[14:40] Delightful.Doowangle :)
[14:41] Vinhold.Starbrook Making very nice avatars is not easy and takes either making or buying excellent parts to assemble them. If you dont have good parts, you less than good results.
[14:41] SingerGirl.XOXOXO dropping for me too
[14:41] Art.Blue is any one specking now in the background?
[14:42] Gavin.Hird beware Vivox will make some major changes to their client and server software
[14:42] Gavin.Hird so all of OpenSim risk loosing voice
[14:42] Steve.Franklin Oh soon Gavin?
[14:43] Gavin.Hird The current server software has gaping holes in it
[14:43] Gavin.Hird sercurity wise
[14:43] Gavin.Hird so they are completely changing the code for the SL videwer
[14:43] Gavin.Hird and the new code will NOT work on Linux
[14:44] Gavin.Hird and all old viewers will not work
[14:44] Lyr.Lobo For class, it sure is helpful tho
[14:44] Lyr.Lobo imagine typing everything and trying to be super fast while demonstrating how to design, build, etc. in a class of 20+ folks
[14:44] Lyr.Lobo (takes me back to 2005!
[14:45] Aimee.Weber aloha folks!
[14:45] Jamie.Jordan havw a great weekend everybody
[14:45] Lyr.Lobo I type fast, but the cognitive load when in dynamic sessions would be hard to do by text
[14:45] Lyr.Lobo bye Aimee
[14:45] Lyr.Lobo have a great weekend, Jamie!
[14:45] Rosa.Alekseev tk Jamie
[14:45] Lyr.Lobo Aloha! *grins*
[14:46] dz.ozb depending on  voice  is a real problem  if you need to accomodate "alter-abled"  members of the community....      the only  "solution"  is  something  that  does  TTS  and  STT  for those who require it.
[14:46] Lyr.Lobo Good to know
[14:46] dz.ozb the  cloud solutions  are coming  soon
[14:47] Steve.Franklin Yes that is part of what IMA is needing to deal with
[14:47] Lyr.Lobo surprising
[14:47] Bill Blight: doesn't radegast offer a TTS plugin
[14:47] dz.ozb there havent  been  any  voices in the  developers  circles   pushing it
[14:48] dz.ozb IMA  HAS to be the  organization the  pushes  "useability issues"  across the  platforms
[14:48] dz.ozb IMA  HAS to be the  organization the  pushes  "useability issues"  across the  platforms
[14:48] Delightful.Doowangle Sounds to me like it is happy hour time! Either that or more coffee is needed *smiles*
[14:48] Evan.Emerald sorry I lost voice
[14:48] Lyr.Lobo Steve is talking about Speech to text, Evan
[14:48] Lyr.Lobo and how we need it...
[14:49] Lyr.Lobo discussing YouTube and a Ted talk by a lady who was deaf
[14:49] Lyr.Lobo and did research for people with disabilities...talked about a potato slicer... big handle, really comfortable
[14:49] Lyr.Lobo the best she had... same concept for thinking about usability
[14:49] Lyr.Lobo easy and granular
[14:49] dz.ozb basic  business  requirements....   YOU HAVE to be able to produce  a transcript  of  ANY legal  proceedings....      IUnless  you plan  to record  all audio  ....     Voice  NEEDS to be   translated  and  correcteable  idf  people are going to do business on the platform
[14:49] Lyr.Lobo Barbara is speaking next...can you hear her?
[14:49] Steve.Franklin yes!
[14:50] Lyr.Lobo 3D printing and the 3D prosthetic arms
[14:50] Lyr.Lobo less expensive, for particular users with particular needs
[14:50] Lyr.Lobo Evan, can you hear? *smiles*
[14:51] Lyr.Lobo a design challenge that we could come up with (barbara says)
[14:51] Lyr.Lobo and Steve's problem with firestorm for usability issues
[14:51] dz.ozb IT isnt  a disability issue
[14:51] Bill Blight: I would have to say, I am all for adding or creating specific support for particular disabilities .. But on that note, you have to do it with out creating a heavier load for the people that don't need those features ... It is very difficult to give to one without taking from the others ...
[14:51] Lyr.Lobo We all have our own "disabilities" not necessarily offical or formal ones, but unique to us
[14:51] Vinhold.Starbrook Firestorm can be customized in how you like it. At least in the V% mode.
[14:51] dz.ozb its  a basic need  for a business platform
[14:51] Vinhold.Starbrook V5
[14:51] Joyce.Bettencourt I encourage you to reach out to Gentle Heron / Virtual Ability to look for whatever resources, insight, and research of Universal Design Principals
[14:51] Lyr.Lobo I think that he means preferences, Dz
[14:52] Lyr.Lobo our unique way of using the viewer
[14:52] Lyr.Lobo and sharing this experience
[14:52] Bill Blight: FS5 , umm my text is HUGE
[14:52] Lyr.Lobo mine is too
[14:52] Lyr.Lobo Steve's on a tiny mac *teases*
[14:52] dz.ozb there is  NO REASON for it to be a module...  IT is a basic requiremnt
[14:52] Steve.Franklin Gentle is on our Advisory board
[14:52] Lyr.Lobo *dodges an elbow*
[14:52] Bill Blight: and he is on that SINGLE viewer ...  :P
[14:53] Steve.Franklin Hey at least the audio works here!
[14:53] Delightful.Doowangle Bill's point is very valid that accommodating some should not impede others.
[14:53] Gavin.Hird How much efffort are you guys willing to invest in getting the "ideal" viewer?
[14:54] dz.ozb if you want to be a business platform...   you have to be able to provide  a transcript....      it  shouldnt  require  a HUGE process   to produce  Proceedings  of  conferences....   or even  a   working meeting....
[14:54] Gavin.Hird which is?
[14:54] Lyr.Lobo such a good question, Gavin
[14:55] Gavin.Hird In my estimage to rewrite a viewer completely to work on iOS, the effort is about 10 manyears
[14:55] Gavin.Hird and that is the effort you need to invest to get a new modular viewer
[14:56] Steve.Franklin yes I think you are right. If we can get ten people working on it it will only take a year
[14:56] dz.ozb the   MOSES  direction for   viewer  development  is  HTML5....   they do NOT plan  to 'port'  any existing  viewer  code
[14:56] Steve.Franklin yes that viewer has nothing in common with any viewer out out now
[14:56] Gavin.Hird Yiu HAVE to port existing viewer code unless ylou want to redo all content
[14:57] Steve.Franklin yes
[14:57] Gavin.Hird it is not possible to recreate the content without using the currrent viewer code
[14:57] dz.ozb they arent planning  for  full content  comapatability
[14:57] Delightful.Doowangle We may be able to have some UCF-UC Irvine NSF grants
[14:57] IMA Outpost Gamma: Welcome Rosa.Alekseev to IMA Outpost Gamma
Lot's of stuff here.
Please Give it time to rez.
Thank You
[14:57] Gavin.Hird even getting some of it up you have to sue the current code
[14:57] dz.ozb they have  a   Content  transfer "process"   to convert  existing  scenes  into the  new  formats
[14:58] Gavin.Hird primitives, anumations, mesh, skeleton, avatar, morph targets, skinning system
[14:58] Gavin.Hird system clothes
[14:58] Delightful.Doowangle I think we need both approaches
[14:59] dz.ozb That is  the  current  roadmap of  MOSES...   they are  not  implementing in-world  building  capabilites in the  new  viewer
[14:59] Delightful.Doowangle Students need to make and model stuff to become adaptable thinkers
[14:59] Gavin.Hird if you don't want content compatibility you can just start fresh with something like wifi
[14:59] Lyr.Lobo some rudimentary way of modeling our ideas and for students to create projects, for game designs, etc.
[14:59] Vinhold.Starbrook yes, that is the one factor that made SL popular was the easy way to make content.
[14:59] Bill Blight: Yeah I don't think IMA as a whole should favor ANY specific fork as a whole, but each WG could support whatever they want ...  IMA kind of needs to be Virtual World Agnostic , correct me if I am wrong
[15:00] dz.ozb MOSES   has  started  fresh   and  removed  95% of the  viewer required  code from the  scene  server
[15:00] Steve.Franklin I agree with that completely
[15:00] Vinhold.Starbrook I agee with Bill.
[15:01] Delightful.Doowangle Building crudely is a great education approach and professional mesh builds are great for training
[15:01] dz.ozb I think the  first step for IMA  should  be  as a   "curator"  of  a  library of content  that they provide to multiple platforms...
[15:01] Delightful.Doowangle Yes, good plan!
[15:01] Steve.Franklin What I agreed with is bill above on VW agnostic
[15:02] dz.ozb for the  current  "flavor"  grids....    you could  provide an assett server  where content  appears in a library  folder....   and provided/licensed  to grid owners
[15:02] Steve.Franklin that is an idea
[15:03] dz.ozb that decision has already been made   in the  MOSES  community
[15:03] Delightful.Doowangle FYI- getting back to the accessibility topic- in the US, this org has the lead on interfaces
[15:03] Gavin.Hird who is your target audience?
[15:03] Gavin.Hird cause if you don't want to take advantage of current content, you'd better start with a much mor modern technical platform
[15:04] Steve.Franklin For viewer design Gavin?
[15:04] Marcus.Llewellyn Gavin, that's a real plate of spaghetti. We have acedemics and researchers, militarym education, social experiences... these all have different needs, tools, and UIs.
[15:04] Steve.Franklin Marcus said what i was going to say
[15:05] dz.ozb @ Gavin..  that  project has already been started...   the  MOSES  halcyon  platform  is  MOST likely  to be  rebuilt from scratch   as a native linux app
[15:05] Delightful.Doowangle Sounds like authoring tool with decision support that relies on connected assets Mark
[15:06] Evan.Emerald Yes, with an existing library of decent basic content for getting started
[15:06] Steve.Franklin yes
[15:06] Delightful.Doowangle I think of that as part of a toolkit
[15:06] Steve.Franklin Start a Working group! Or join one!
[15:06] dz.ozb the  platform is designed to support  a  "static"  scene   with interactive  objects
[15:07] dz.ozb Ask for a  demo....  MOSES  has a working  prototype
[15:07] Gavin.Hird and the pace of change has increased significantly over the last 2 years
[15:07] Steve.Franklin I have not seen that yet
[15:07] Steve.Franklin Been wanting to see that
[15:07] Mike.Lorrey is the simplified viewer Doug was talking about with 6 buttons available to the public?
[15:08] Steve.Franklin Not yet that I know of
[15:08] Bill Blight: The problem with any of the forks, in my personal opinion is  , while they may work for their niche business models, it is going to be very hard to get public acceptance if it is too far gone from existing platforms ...
[15:08] dz.ozb I beleive  the  viewr  DougM  was talking about  was a derivative  of Christas   viewer...  they just  "turned off"  the  menus  and  added a HUD to all the  pre-created" avatars
[15:08] Mike.Lorrey I think that number is based solely on those who sell on marketplace. I created tons of content in SL but never sold on marketplace.
[15:09] Bill Blight: (and if people don't know I am the community focused , public use person here)
[15:09] Steve.Franklin yes statistics are sometimes problematic
[15:09] Delightful.Doowangle Thank you Bill!
[15:10] Gavin.Hird but even if only 10% is "real" content creators, the rest of the 1 million regular users are content creators too
[15:10] Gavin.Hird because they create from the ready made content
[15:10] dz.ozb Thats  not the  use case  for  MOSES...    the  soldirers  they are  training  are never going to be  content  creators....    whether  you agreee or  not...   they are going to be  deloying a new platform  and demoing  a web based viewer   while  OpenSim core  is  twiddling thier  thumbs
[15:10] Mike.Lorrey I've been advocating that there be a sort of Mesh baker, that uses a few tools from blender to optimize linksets and convert them to mesh. About 60-80% of the optimization I do to linksets in Blender can be automated.
[15:10] Marcus.Llewellyn +1 Gavin
[15:10] Steve.Franklin Yes Gavin
[15:10] Gavin.Hird made by the 10% to create their world
[15:10] Gavin.Hird and to do that you need to be able to support current content fully
[15:10] Gavin.Hird in tghe viewer
[15:11] Gavin.Hird the*
[15:11] Gavin.Hird Did you ever revisit the experiences from the version 2 viewer . basic mode?
[15:11] Steve.Franklin I think that at least with OS even if we have a HTML5 viewer there will still be a big need for a regular viewer app
[15:12] Evan.Emerald I agree with Mal
[15:12] Steve.Franklin I look at the HTML5 viewer as a way to get more acceptance of VW and have easy entrance in the beginning
[15:13] Steve.Franklin We can add more usability as we go along
[15:13] Bill Blight: I agree with steve I think the web viewer could be used as a transitional , introduction tool.
[15:13] Gavin.Hird but the issue is not just having basic creation tools, but to be able to render the entire range of content
[15:13] dz.ozb the  html viewer  capability os  going t o open the  headset market  of  users....    the  economy of that is going to overwhelm  the  "desire"  to have a viewer that supports in-world  vieweing...
[15:14] Gavin.Hird otherwise the experience will be like logging in to SecondLife with a viewer that does not support mesh
[15:14] Gavin.Hird very incomplete
[15:14] Steve.Franklin Gavin- I don't see that out of the gate but down the road a bit all that can happen as browsers get more capability
[15:17] dz.ozb the  "security" reasons  are  code words  for  the  design  protocol that transfers IP off network...   If  you want  "controllable  IP/content     you HAVE to re-design  and  start over  with the  viewer
[15:18] Lyr.Lobo hehe
[15:19] Lyr.Lobo I've been archiving notes from today's meetings, organizing my thoughts
[15:19] Lyr.Lobo and studying next steps
[15:19] Lyr.Lobo yes
[15:19] Lyr.Lobo the VRT book faire was such fun
[15:19] Evan.Emerald So totally agree Cyn!
[15:19] dz.ozb Opensim  hasnr  been able to  implement  simple  scene object  transfer permissions  in a  very long  time...     expecting the  to re-design the protocols  in a  manner  acceptable  to "make  the  platform  tolerable for  ANY businesses   is  (IMHO) a  pipe-dream
[15:20] Lyr.Lobo identity matters *smiles*
[15:20] Lyr.Lobo I didn't realize how much
[15:21] Delightful.Doowangle I miss Lyr's classes!
[15:22] Lyr.Lobo grins
[15:22] Bill Blight: Speaking from the end-user, public , not big ORG side, the reason we are here even having this discussion is because of PUBLIC opensource desire .. Let us not forget that ..
[15:22] SingerGirl.XOXOXO Cyn do you feel like removing that identity and using emoticons or something else would remove that issue...or would it lessen the investment?
[15:23] SingerGirl.XOXOXO lessen the connection of the student?
[15:23] dz.ozb being  able to TP between worlds with no content  isnt  a future....     you HAVE  to accomodate  IP
[15:23] Evan.Emerald BACON?
[15:24] Lyr.Lobo i emote like a madwoman, Yvonne
[15:24] Lyr.Lobo and spell them out for clarity for my students of all age groups, nationalities and preferences
[15:24] Art.Blue thanks a lot and have a great weekend
[15:24] Lyr.Lobo as many do not know smilies
[15:24] Evan.Emerald DZ - you have a point.  A standard content service is something that needs looiking into
[15:24] Lyr.Lobo removing identity makes some folks uncomfortable... not recognizing their personal needs
[15:25] Lyr.Lobo I do have some who come to class as robots
[15:25] Lyr.Lobo but they still have a sense of identity and preferences
[15:26] Delightful.Doowangle Nice!!!
[15:26] Delightful.Doowangle A fun working conference :)
[15:27] Vinhold.Starbrook Foundations to a good building has to be built correctly to support the intended structure. That is what is taking place now first the server, next the grids, then a marketplace.
[15:27] Dieter Heyne: NO MONEY - NO MUSIC :p
[15:27] Delightful.Doowangle We should get some more grant developers too
[15:27] Evan.Emerald Youre right Dieter
[15:28] Bill Blight: <<-- President of a 501(c)3  you don't need to tell me about paperwork
[15:29] Evan.Emerald LOL! Understand Bill!
[15:29] Vinhold.Starbrook There has to be something to show before you will get anyone to provide funding.
[15:30] Marcus.Llewellyn Happy happy happy! Joy joy joy!
[15:30] Delightful.Doowangle Thank you Bill! Appreciate the hospitality
[15:30] Mike.Lorrey ok great
[15:31] Delightful.Doowangle A hypergrid working fun group *smiles*
[15:31] Joyce.Bettencourt and thank you Barbara for taking this over.. shall be great I am sure
[15:32] Marcus.Llewellyn claps heartily for Barbara Doowangle!
[15:32] Delightful.Doowangle It is an honor to lead the new MOSES effort. Thank you all!
[15:32] Vinhold.Starbrook And the IMA grids. I am about to find out if the test grid will start...
[15:32] Lyr.Lobo we used it at au metaverse
[15:33] Art.Blue bye bye
[15:33] Joyce.Bettencourt and if you are interested in space on our AvaCon grid, info is here
[15:33] Evan.Emerald Thanks for hosting Steve
[15:33] Art.Blue ty
[15:33] Gavin.Hird bye
[15:33] Art.Blue good luck
[15:33] Lyr.Lobo bye everone
[15:33] Lyr.Lobo steve, i have minutes for you
[15:33] Rosa.Alekseev bye bye and nice to meet u all that i hadnt meet yet very productive
[15:33] Lyr.Lobo bye bye
[15:33] Delightful.Doowangle Take care!
[15:33] Evan.Emerald see you all next time
[15:33] Vinhold.Starbrook lol!
[15:34] Evan.Emerald darn, I left all my dance anims in SL!
[15:35] Evan.Emerald Have a good weekend everyone!
[15:36] SingerGirl.XOXOXO wow, sorry to hear that Joyce, hope you feel better soon
[15:37] SingerGirl.XOXOXO O.o milkshake diet!
[15:37] SingerGirl.XOXOXO goodnight all!  I must get back to work.  Have a great evening!
[15:37] Bill Blight: yeah yeah likely story singer
[15:38] Mike.Lorrey grid wont' let me leave
[15:38] SingerGirl.XOXOXO :)  love how you have us dance on the bar on exit! :p
[15:38] SingerGirl.XOXOXO night all.  waves and poofs!
[15:38] Evan.Emerald Goo night all!
[15:38] Evan.Emerald Good night all!
[15:38] Mike.Lorrey lol claims that the kitely welcome center doesn't exist
[15:38] SingerGirl.XOXOXO i had trouble with KWC earlier too
[15:38] Mike.Lorrey oh lol nice IMA in the terrain
[15:39] Mike.Lorrey I used to put a BNT in the terrain in all my SL regions