The IMA server has a new grid on it! The first region on it was the IMA Outpost Alpha on Metropolis Grid. Now online is the IMA Halcyon Test Grid. This grid was formerly hosted by Myron Curtis of A Dimension Beyond, Inc. on a virtual server that was a part of the Virtual Worlds Grid server farm. Now it has it's new home on the IMA server. It is a fully functional, full powered grid with an excellent connection to the Internet. It is available for testing purposes to anyone who needs them. It is also updated regularly with the latest version of the Halcyon fork of OpenSim to keep up with the technology. Here is the info to get in and use the new test grid:

Web page to get an account:

URI to put into your viewer:

You will also note that the web front end has a secure SSL Certificate now! Halcyon does not do any type of HyperGrid at this point so to get into this grid you will have to sign up. If you had an account on the old Halcyon test grid you are already signed up for this one. Just put the new URI into your viewer. Everything that was on the old test grid is on the new one!

IMA would like to thank Bob Curtice for spending a ton of time and frying a pile of brain cells in getting this going! Bob was also helped by Myron Curtis, Bill Blight, Lisa Laxton and Steve LaVigne in this endeavor. We all learned a whole lot doing this!

Next up soon is the IMA Community Grid and the IMA Expo Grid! Look here for future details!

Reported by Steve LaVigne