Open Project was successfully installed on the R&D Server last week thanks to Rich Williams aka Bill Blight. Thank you Bill!

I completed configuration early this week with projects and sub-projects and created the unique roles and permissions we will need for the Working Groups. Our next step is to develop a how-to video for the Working Groups so they can start using this project management resource to formalize their Working Group activities. 


Each Working Group (defined by sub-projects) will have the following tools available to them: News, Calendar, Meeting, Wiki, Forum, Document, Repository, Roadmap, Timeline, Time Tracking, and Work-Package. Not every Working Group will need all of these tools of course. Work-packages are how leaders assign tasks to each member of the Working Group and put them on the roadmap/timeline etc. 


As soon as the how-to video is done, we will put out a general call for participation so you can start creating your accounts. Thanks for your patience!


We are really looking forward to getting things underway and feel the excitement from all those who are already underway informally. Go TeamIMA!


Lisa Laxton