During a recent meeting, several questions came about regarding our process for working groups. To help answer questions, we can refer to the following diagram:



Each row in the diagram relates to a level in the organization. Each column relates to a step in the working group process. Stepping through the diagram, we find:


  • Member has an idea for a working group
  • Member chooses a category and submits the idea to the respective committee
  • If the group is unique, the committee sets up resources for the working group
  • Simultaneously, working groups engage, committees coordinate, advisors support, and the executive sustains resources.
  • At any time in the process forward, working groups may ask for support from committees, committees may ask for support from advisors, and executives may allocate more resources as needed.
  • Tasks completed by working groups may then be published and/or presented.
  • If the working group does not have further work, it ends - otherwise it continues to the next task.