After quite a journey with this new untested server hardware and data center approach, Steve took the server box down to the data center and installed it in its new home this week. Software configuration for all of our grids planned in addition to web server applications installation by Team IMA is ongoing. IP addresses have begun propagating! We will let you know more as soon as we know. We are looking forward to using our scheduled test hour for some load and traffic testing of each test grid and some help from the community :)

As we get ready for new working groups to get started, (The list is already growing with ideas from the meetings!) we decided to publish an annual survey of the community to get your inputs. The survey has 5 sections. While most questions are quick multiple choice, some give you the option to enter text with your ideas. So it may take on average about 30 minutes to complete.


You will be able to see the ongoing results and go back and change your text inputs if you like. Hence, this is a community brainstorming tool! Have a look when you have time. We are looking forward to hearing what the community has to say! Here is the link: Open Simulator User Survey




What’s Happening Now At IMA!

Steve here.

First off-At 4:430 PM USA EST at IMA Outpost Alpha in the Metropolis Grid ( Outpost Alpha) we will be having our Q&A session about our R&D server project and all the incredible stories that go with that. There is some real high adventure there and a bunch of spreadsheets! Seems like everything these days develops a spreadsheet or two! SO HG in and we will tell our hair raising geeky stories!


We held our first public Advisory Board meeting today! This also served as a test for Test Grid #1 before the move to the new R&D Server box as the Halcyon Test Grid. Average CPU time was about 5% with the grid hosted in a single VM (like Sim-on-a-stick) on a home connection. We did see an error on the messaging server which will be reported to the Halcyon development team. But overall, the meeting went well with no performance issues impacting the user experience.


Our goal was to provide an overview to potential Advisory Board members on IMA's mission, its structure, and the role of Advisors in the Working Group branch process. Subsequent questions, answers, and ideas for working group efforts turned a one hour meeting into two hours and we could have gone longer if folks had time!


Steve LaVigne gave a presentation using the in-world presenter and the text of the presentation was included real-time to make it more accessible. We also talked about working groups at length as well as the status and plans with resources for the working groups. Included in the presentation was a new simplified step-by-step working group process from start to finish.


It may be possible future meetings can be livestreamed with video, audio, and chat if we get a volunteer for that function. The next meeting will be on the third Wednesday in May at IMA Outpost Alpha which is hypergrid-enabled. As we finalize the make-up of the Advisory Board, (Hopefully this week we will have the majority in place.), we will publish the list of members and start filling the interim Director's Council seats as more interest evolves. For all those who were unable to join us today, here is the chat log: (Slides for the presentation are at the bottom of the chat log.)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey! While the number was small, the subset of the community based on how they identify is very diverse. We are going to be doing a more in-depth analysis (correlation investigations related to interest in authoring versus platform for example) and hosting a discussion when that is completed.


But, we wanted to publish the summary analytics for all those interested. We did find some quite interesting, and in some cases surprising, results. For now, you can get involved in a discussion and ask questions on this topic at our G+ Community. Here is a link to the summary analytics:


Survey: Open Simulator Security Issues - Results