Infinite Metaverse Alliance (IMA) emerged last year as community members began to discuss the future of Open Simulator and all of its derivatives. This began in September of 2016 and was formally organized in November 2016. Over the past six months, we've taken inputs from inside and outside the virtual worlds communities and put our heads together to develop this new kind of organization - a champion for the community built from the ground up and the middle out.


Near the end of our work getting all of the tools in place for the community, IMA sprung a leak when we opened our website for preliminary review... the media would wait no longer to announce the formation of IMA! Amidst the latest community statistics report, we found we'd been outed when we heard about this line "Infinite Metaverse Alliance launches to help share code and tools" in the article at

During a recent meeting, several questions came about regarding our process for working groups. To help answer questions, we can refer to the following diagram:



Recently, we were asked about what resources IMA will be providing to our research and development working groups. While we have an idea what we can provide and what we think the working groups could use effectively, the door is always open to adding more resources if needed as the working group activities get underway!


To start, here is a list of resources IMA initially offers to Working Groups:

As we fine-tuned our hybrid structure taking inputs from the community, IMA began forming its Advisory Board which will have both appointed (to advise core IMA working group committees) and elected (to advise subscriber and non-subscriber working group committees). We have been very fortunate to have such talented and engaged members of the Virtual Worlds community at large from within Open Simulator and outside of Open Simulator communities. We've held many meetings, asked and answered many questions, and were rewarded with great feedback and new ideas!


IMA launched its Lists website on December 15, 2016. We are starting with one newsletter but our working groups may want to create their own newsletters so this is a resource we will be providing to the community!


If you haven't signed up for the lists yet, please go to this page and subscribe