Hi Everyone!

The Infinite Metaverse Alliance is getting more infinite every day! As we chug along toward our getting everything up and running we need some help. One of the first things that we will be creating is Working Groups. Working Groups are small groups of under 10 people working together toward a shared goal. One of the services that IMA will provide to Working Groups is a project management system.

How Working Groups Work
Working Group Loop Diagram

We have chosen the open source system called Open Project (OP) for this service. IMA wants, as much as possible, any software we are dealing with be Open Source. That commitment is a basic part of what IMA is all about.

I have installed Open Project on a server and it is ready to be setup for Working Groups to use. We need a little help from a couple of volunteers.

IMA's functional goals include standards and specifications to advance virtual worlds, virtual reality, and synthetic environments through research and development. A portion of our software policy was published when we launched - our general coding and documentation topics. Today, we published a more comprehensive document called Infinite Metaverse Alliance Architecture Framework (IMAAF). But what is an Architecture Framework? 


A big thing is happening at Infinite Metaverse Alliance! After weeks of work checking out what was available and what we needed, IMA has ordered our first dedicated server. Myron Curtis, Bob Curtice, Lisa Laxton, and Steve LaVigne worked together on this project and came up with what we think is an excellent machine. Buying this server was made possible by a generous investment from Selby Evans of Virtual Outworlding. (https://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/)

Mal Burns runs the Metaverse Inworld Review every Sunday online. Steve was able to get on the show to talk about and begin answering questions about Infinite Metaverse Alliance. It was a long show but worth a watch! You can find it here on Youtube




If anyone would like to transcribe it for folks who need subtitles, let's get in touch!

When IMA's founders got together, we identified key long range goals we shared for the technologies powered by people in virtual worlds communities. We listened to others and discussed how researchers are seeing increasingly beneficial results when using virtual worlds to improve the quality of life and the impact of positive technology efforts in addition to an active social component in virtual worlds.